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     Dr. Tanika Gayle & Asssociates is a multi-clinican practice that offers several specialites.  Dr. Gayle specializes in Couples, Sex, Intimacy, Identity, and relationship issues.  She also helps clients who suffer from mood, anxiety and adjustment disorders while also working with military individuals and military familes.  Dr. Gayle also works with parents dealing with post-partum depression and couples faced with the challenges of infertility.  

     Dr. Badiee specializes in counseling adolescents, couples, LGBTQIA identified individuals, women of color, and college students. Additionally, she has experience with a variety of presenting concerns, such as grief/loss, depression, physical and/or emotional abuse, anxiety, sexual assault, coming out, spirituality, and identity concerns. 

     Darlena Allen, LCSW is a child centered therapist who specializes in working with children between the ages of 0-12 years old.  


Specialties //

Treatment specialization includes:


Family Conflict

Relationship Issues

Sex Therapy

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Marital and Couples Therapy

Pre-Marital Therapy


Family Therapy

Inferitility and Post Partum Depression

Life Transitions

Loss or Grief

Domestic Abuse or Violence


Intimacy Issues

Mood Disorders

Panic Disorders

Sexual Abuse Recovery

Trauma Recovery


*Dr. Gayle also provides letters for individuals transitioning*

*Dr. Gayle also provides consultative services to Physicians and Attorneys


Learn how to self-soothe.


Techniques to self soothe:

Monitoring your emotions, body, and reactivity

Managing your own feelings and emotions

Soothing your emotional bruises

Validating self

Controlling your anxiety so that it does not control you.


Groups being offered:




-Loving your body & mindfulness group


-Adolescent support group


-Empowerment group for women of color


-Preteen Support group


-Child centered play therapy group


-Parents support group



Please call to learn about dates and times of group




Your Greatest Self.


Stay connected to your core values and beliefs



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