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Taryn Wallis | Administrative Assistant


I am the Administrative Assistant for the office of Dr. Gayle, and her team of clinicians. My experience has given me an understanding of satisfying clients and clearly communicating necessary information. 


I will assist each individual client in scheduling their appointments, billing, and communicating with the doctors and clinicians to support a positive result at the clinic and in life. I provide a helpful and empathetic interface between the clients and Dr. Gayle and her clinicians. 


I look forward to assisting you and will always treat your communications with sensitivity and privacy.


Monica Contreras l  Receptionist



I am the receptionist for Dr. Gayle and Clinical Associates. I have always wanted to help people and I believe working in the medical field is a great way for me to provide such service. I will treat each patient with respect and care, while aiming to fulfil their needs. I believe in loving one another and being a great support for anyone you become acquaintance to. As a certified Medical Office Assistant, I look forward to assisting you and giving you with the best service that I can provide. 

Delia Dooley l  Receptionist



I am a person who strongly believes in human kindness to all.  I know that my position as a receptionist for Dr. Tanika Gayle and Clinical Associates doesn't just consist of basic office duties. I intend to help you with the utmost respect, compassion, and understanding nature to fulfill your needs. Whether you are calling for information or to set up an appointment or coming into the office for your scheduled appointment you can always be sure that if I'm assisting you, I will offer you the best service that I am capable of. If I am not able to fully answer your requests, I will obtain the information as soon as possible and share with you. Coming in for some can be difficult and it is the respect I have for you to seek treamtnet and I am honored to assist in your process.  


I am a humanitarian and I have a passion for helping people. With having two years of experience as an receptionist for a dental office, I am eager and ready to help. Know that I will respect your privacy and I will do my best to accommodate you to get you the time you need with Dr. Tanika Gayle and her associates.  I look foward to assisting you.



Spanish Speaking

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